Automated and forensically-safe acquisition and reporting of data on GSM SIM & 3G USIM cards

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If you need to retrieve information for SIM and USIM cards in a quick and painless manner then USIMdetective is what you need. A typical scan takes only a couple of minutes and requires only a few key presses.

USIMdetective allows you to view acquired information (including phonebook contacts and numbers, SMS text messages, deleted text messages, call records) in a number of report formats. These reports can be tailored and printed, and sections cut and pasted into other documents if required.

For security reasons, all data acquired by USIMdetective is electronically 'locked' using hashing algorithms to ensure it has not been tampered with at some later date.

USIMdetective is designed to get the job done quickly and effectively, whether you are examining just one SIM or several hundred SIMs every month.

USIMdetective is a powerful forensic tool, and has been specifically designed to manage the complex data storage mechanisms found in smart cards. Unlike with hard drives it is not possible to take a direct image of the data - security mechanisms in the SIM prevent this. Instead USIMdetective executes command directives to the SIM to read data in blocks - there is no data modification, and all command APDUs sent to the card are stored in the resulting acquired image for future verification if required.

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