Our No-nonsense Approach to Product Licencing

Simply put - we don't believe customers should ever be 'locked in' to a product. And products should be cheap enough to allow your budget to purchase items from several different companies - that way your SIM analysis capability is enhanced through data corroboration between many different products, not just one.

We simply charge a one-off purchase price per single-user licence, and you can use that licence forever - there are no recurring costs or fees to pay.

What happens about new features / bug fixes?

Of course we're always improving our products, adding new features and fixing any/all problems reported, so how can we strike a balance between the efforts/costs involved in doing that and extra costs you might be expected to pay?

Here then is our policy, which we believe is a refreshing approach to software licencing and of great benefit to our customers, who have to manage increasingly tight budgets:

  • Each product comes with 12 months support/warranty, which means that any bug fixes you or any other customers raise during that time are fixed free of charge.

  • Beyond the support/warranty period, for the major release version (e.g. V1.x.x or V2.x.x) you will still benefit from new features added and any bug fixes applied from feedback from other customers still under warranty. All this free of charge.

  • Should you encounter a bug that needs fixing after the warranty period, QUANTAQ may charge a fee, which will typically be half the product price and this in itself will provide you with an additional 12 month warranty/support contract.

  • From time to time, QUANTAQ may make a new major release of the product (e.g. V3.x.x instead of V2.x.x) and if this happens you can choose to stay on the version you're on, or upgrade to the new release for a fee (again, typically 50% of the normal purchase price).

If you have any questions on our licencing policy please do contact us.