Who are we?

QUANTAQ is a UK company based in the heart of Oxfordshire, England.

Founded in 2001 we provide consultancy services to the telecommunications and banking industries.

We also supply a range of SIM card tools, forensic products and specialist mobile apps to hundreds* of customers world-wide.

Our vision has always been to make the complex, simple. And to develop powerful products, that yet easy to learn and use, then bring them to market at low-cost.

* Quantaq never publishes its customer base, but it includes many large corporations, government agencies, police forces, detective agencies, mobile network operators, mobile handset manufacturers and test houses from all over the world.

USIM Detective

Our SIM card data forensic product, USIM Detective, was the first of its kind to market, and remains one of the best SIM forensic tools on the market today. It is used used by nearly all the main players in the forensics industry globally.

It's continued success tells us we got the product absolutely right.

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