Interactive viewing of data stored on any SIM or USIM in seconds

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You work with SIM and USIM cards from many different suppliers. Those suppliers provide tools for reading card data, but they only seem to work well their own SIM and USIM products.

What you need is a tool that is quick, easy to use, and operates with all SIM and USIM cards, no matter which supplier - USIMexplorer is that tool. Simply place the SIM or USIM into the reader then browse the contents just like you would in Windows Explorer:

No need to wait for a lengthy scan to be performed — simply click on the icons immediately after inserting the card to see specific file content, automatically translated according to the 3GPP/ETSI/ISO specifications.

Raw hex data is available too, together with automatic highlighting of selected data items.

USIMexplorer can even read and translate the contents of proprietary files!

Complex content, such as EFSMS is no problem for USIMexplorer:

USIMexplorer even reads in STK (SIM Application Toolkit) proactive commands:

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