Fast and easy command scripting capability for SIM and USIM cards

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Whenever you need to quickly test or diagnose a problem with a SIM or USIM card, USIMcommander is the ideal tool for job. Simply type in a sequence of easy-to-learn script commands and immediately execute them against the SIM.

No fuss, no complicated user interface - just the results.

For example, if you wanted to check the contents of EFICCID on the USIM, you only need to consider what GSM/3G commands you would need to send, then put them into a script, like so:

Select 3F00
Select 2FE2

Building scripts with USIMcommander is easy once you know the command keywords to use. If you know the 3GPP TS 31.102 or GSM 11.11 specs then you can work out most of them.

It doesn't get any easier to communicate with USIMs and SIMs. Enter four simple commands to view the contents of EFLOCI under ADFUSIM:

To get this result (in raw hex data this time):

View the full list of commands in the USIMcommander user manual (PDF).

Editing data on a USIM or SIM card is easy with USIMcommander — simply obtain the necessary access permissions for the file(s) you wish to update, then use the "UpdateBinary" or "UpdateRecord" script commands to modify the data.

Many of our customers use USIMcommander as part of their testing with the GSM Association (GSMA) Field Trial Guidelines

USIMcommander can even by controlled by an external program, as part of an automated test environment. Some of our customers are already doing this (for example using LabView).

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